Re-importing 3D files makes templates loose tags


When re-importing a FBX or GLB file a lot of the saved data in the corresponding template is lost. This also happens when you update a FBX or GLB file with a slightly adjusted version.

Say for instance I import a FBX model with the standard import settings. A template with all the different mesh instances are created. Say, for various reasons I need to tag the different mesh instances / objects / children of the template (which actually happens very frequently). Now I realize there is something wrong with the 3D object, so I need to update it. However, this means all the tags vanish so I have to re-apply everything again. I also need to make sure all settings like “cast shadows” is set correctly for every single child, cuz they also tend to get reset.

This might sound a bit specific, but it actually happens super often for me, and consumes a lot of time. So if it would be possible to somehow transfer this information when updating or re-importing the 3D file (for instance by similar mesh name), I would be super-duper grateful!

(or if someone actually know an existing solution to this)

Hi @Astra ,

This sounds like a legitimate enhancement. Would you mind logging an issue at Issues · playcanvas/editor · GitHub so it can be tracked? If you have time to create a simple project that we can use to reproduce the issue, that’ll also help a lot.



I made an issue here: Transfer template data/settings when re-importing and updating 3D assets · Issue #994 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

Actually there’s not much of a project to make. It can be very simply reproduced by importing a 3D asset (with standard settings), drag the template out in the scene, do some settings changes like “cast shadows” or add some tags. Apply the changes, and then later observe that they vanish if you re-import or update the 3D file.

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