Re-creating disk space

I recently uploaded a new 3D model, and it was 140Mb, which took up almost all of my disk space for my free account…It didn’t end up working, so I can’t delete the model from playcanvas, and therefore I can’t get my disk space back…I don’t want to delete the entire game that I’ve been working on, because it was a lotof hard work…can anyone help?


Just looking at your account it looks like you are using just 23MB of your storage. So you should have plenty to work with.

I’ve just tried importing one of your models and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them, so you should just be able to try uploading them again and hopefully they will all work.

If you wish to delete them, you can select them in the Asset panel in the Editor (make sure you enable the “Source” view).

Thanks! But yea it turned out that right after I made this post I was able to fix it haha…but thanks anyway!