Questions about storage space


I’m thinking about upgrading to an organization plan. What exactly does the “50GB storage” mean? Is that for assets uploaded to the editor? Per project or across all projects? Maximum size for hosting on Playcanvas? Can it be extended if needed?

Asking here because I could not find any customer support contact information.

It’s for everything about all the projects under the organisation.

Assets, code, builds, version control checkpoints. etc

More storage can be provided on request.

Okay, thanks.

What I’m planning on doing is building a 360 panorama image viewer with a 3D map and some other interactive features. Something a bit like google maps satellite and street view, just on a smaller scale in a fictional environment. Even so, there might be thousands of these panorama images and the need for space could exceed 50GB.

Is it possible to have these panorama images on my own server and load them in dynamically at runtime as needed? I feel like having them all in the project could get cumbersome quite quickly.

Yes, that is possible. Other developers tend to use a CRM system for this type of thing too.

That’s what I would be doing if dynamic resource loading is required:

  • use a traditional CMS system like Drupal or Keystone that provides a back office to easily manage resources.
  • load the required files on demand using AJAX requests or websockets.

That way you aren’t included large volumes of files in your Playcanvas build, you keep its size small making it easy to push updates etc. And also you don’t need a new build each time you update/edit the dynamic content.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into that. I’m still quite new to PlayCanvas and it’s been a while since I’ve done any web development. Glad to see there’s a helpful community. :slight_smile:

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