Questions about IOS and Android


Its possible to make an game for iOS and Android on playcanvas platform?
I can add admob or others ads on the app?
Could there be problems such that apple or android will not accept the game?

Thank you!

Playcanvas makes games with JavaScript, and users can access them via browser. That means is compatible with all devices and OS, and nor Apple nor Google have a say on this.

Yes, you an add ads the same way websites have ads.

If what you want is to distribute them through their marketplaces, well, you’ll probably have to package them as a WebApp. In my experience Google is much more open to that than Apple, because they think the user experience is not as good as with the native Apps.

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To expand on dadiaar’s response:

If you want a native app for the Google Play/iOS App store, you have to use a ‘wrapper’ that packages or uses the native view to run your game.

An example wrapper is Cordova where we have an example tutorial here: Mobile | Learn PlayCanvas

These wrappers would also native features of mobile including using ad networks like AdMob. However, you would need to look at wrapper’s site to see how that would be done. It’s not something that PlayCanvas (or any other web native framework) can handle.

Alternatively, you can use ads as part of the web view such as Google H5 Ads Beta (Google H5 Ads Beta Monetization | Learn PlayCanvas).

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