Question about ParticleSystem


Sorting method besides none means that it will use cpu particles instead, most of calculation will be done on cpu. so there may be some issue of calculation on gpu particle.


@hwind Engine v1.17.0 was just released with many fixes for the particle system. I recommend trying it and if you notice any more problems, let us know.


my complete project is stuck now.


You can temporarily use an older release while the team looks into the issue


that works for me but how do I download a build with an older version of the engine?


If you are exporting the built project, you should be able to manually replace the engine is file with the older one from the link above.


@gtg-nitesh Is there a small project that you can share that shows your issue please? I can’t replicate it in mine.


thanks the solution is working for me.


@yaustar sorry to say but I can’t share the same project/url but I vl try creating another one to replicate the same.


@gtg-nitesh Please share a link to your scene that is broken so we can debug.


We just deployed Engine v1.17.1 that addresses your problem. To be clear, any particle system with lighting and some form or sorting (or CPU path enabled) would encounter this bug. So that should be fairly rare.

BTW, please do avoid posting the same thing in two different threads.


@will Thanks the problem is resolved now