Question about frame rate

Hello, actually in my game i have health bars and mana bar as 3d bars over the heads of models, it would increase the frame rate if i remake them as 2d bars in the gui? Thanks.

Hi @ayrin,

It depends! What is your limiting factor right now? Too many polygons or too many draw calls?

If it’s the former, then yes it may help. But if you are having too many draw calls then you may need to enable batching on your 3d models first. Before doing any major changes.

don’t know really…480.000 triagles maybe are a bit too much?

Yeah, that can be a lot on slower desktop computers and tablet/mobile devices. What’s your draw calls count?

350 totale 312 for shadows

That could you use some improvement, are you using static or dynamic batching?

where do i see that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the following tutorial on what is batching and how to use it in your project:

Sorry a question, how large should be AABB?

This sets the distance at which entities will be batched together to reduce the draw calls. If you are having geometry with a high polycount and you are using frustum culling in your camera then setting the batching AABB to a high value may make your geometry render even when it’s not visible.

Which potentially can have a performance hit. This is something for you to balance, open the Playcanvas profiler and see how everything balances out: FPS, polycount, drawcalls.

Ok i have somehow done it, i will test it further in the future. Thanks @Leonidas

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uhm, don’t get why after the changes one of my buildings don’t relocate as before :frowning: sigh

Did you assign it to a static batch group? Static batched are … static :slight_smile: You can’t update their position.

For that use dynamic batching, but make sure to read that page from the manual on how it works and what are the limits.

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