Question about area light example

Hello, All.

We are now trying to apply the area light feature from from playcanvas examples and also found that there is a sample project about it.

In this sample project, there is an unusual asset named “area-light-luts.bin” but I don’t see script using the asset.

I also forked the project and published it but I don’t see any WASM module using it.

The only part the asset is called is found at application_properties from config.json.

As far as I remember, application_properties can be configured from the project setting on the editor but I can’t find any option.

According to the example, it calls and manually assign area light luts asset, but I can’t do it in editor.

Can you kindly share the purpose of the asset and how I can use it?

Appreciate it in advance.


Hi @sooyong_Kim,

Area lights are still in beta, editor support isn’t complete.

Most likely you have access to the beta forum since you have area lights enabled to your project. If that’s the case, you can find instructions on how to use them on this pinned beta post:


The page you referred is private so I can’t access.

@yaustar can you add him to the beta forum?

Done, please try the link again @sooyong_Kim

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Hi @yaustar May I ask to try this out too ?
Edit: btw, when I fork the project, I can use light shapes. Because library is already added to that project I assume
Edit2: Found a way to add it to a project'settings:project').set('areaLightDataAsset',"area-light-luts.bin")._id)
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Sorry for the late reply, I was away last week.

@defektu I can add you to the beta so you can access that Editor option directly. What is your PlayCanvas username?

No problem figured it out examining the code.

@yaustar It would be awesome. My username is “defektu”. Same as here.

Added. You should have the Editor options for Area lights now

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