Quadruple Coding Help!

I need help with a few things some being simpler than others.

  1. Making the environment update for everyone online(having one player break a piece of the floor and everyone can see it)
  2. making a way to kill other players online
    3.making a explosion that can be triggered on command.
    4.making the mouse lock in a specific spot

If anyone can help with any of these I’m all ears.

William Boersma

@Leonidas and @yaustar you two have been very helpful with this kind of thing in the past.

:thinking: You can use an event for the explosion. Fire the event from control and add a eventlistener to your bomb :bomb:

I recommend splitting your post and create topic with meaningful names for each problem.

It’s easier for people to reply to and search for in future.

Closing thread.

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