Project space full without projects


I’m a free user and I am part of a project bought by a pro user… I wanted to make some quick tests in another project created by me, but I can’t upload nothing to it because it says I’m using the full allowance limit, there’s nothing uploaded to that project.

Does the project created by a pro user affects my free user space?

We already made tests, removed myself from the project but my space was still full


Just looking into your problem now. We’ve identified an issue, should be fixed very soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ll wait, thank you very much

It should be fixed now. Can you try again?

no good, still says “199.41 MB / 200 MB Used”

OK. We’ve fixed your account as well. Please try now.

Again, sorry for the problems.

Thank you once again my friend, everything is working perfectly now :smiley: