Progress storage in multiplayer

Hi everyone,

I am developing a VR project and i could not find any information about online storage.
I found how to do local storage, but as my game will be multiplayer that is not an option for me.

The objective i have is the following one: if a player moves an object inside the game, that object remains in that position for ever until it is changed again via other player or the editor

Can this be done?
Thanks for any help :heart:

Hi @practicas_imas,

That can be done in a number of ways, the most common being using a remote database. You save things to the Database and load them back later on (this is usually called serialization).

PlayCanvas being a JavaScript library running in a webpage means it will be well with any DB solution regular websites use.

A popular example that also has free plans is Firebase. You can search around this forum on how to use it with PlayCanvas. For example:


Hey @practicas_imas,

In addition to the answer provided by @Leonidas, I’d like to suggest using Microsoft Azure PlayFab. I use this service whenever I build real-time multiplayer games, and it works very well - its fast and lightweight. You can use its REST API inside PlayCanvas by making a request (here is the documentation on PlayCanvas requests). It’s very easy to integrate, and provides several functionalities, such as authentication, payment, economy, item catalogs, and user management just to name a few.

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot, it seems there are much more posibilities than i first imagined.
I think i will do fine with those, thanks!