Progress loading

Hello. Why does the download bar reach the end and then a long wait for the loading of objects (video, pictures, etc.). Is there any way to fix this?

Hi @Mister_Prada and welcome,

The download bar starts fetching all assets that have their preload flag set to true. After all resources are in place the pc.Application instance will start booting.

Depending on the project complexity that can take some time, it involves parsing and executing all Javascript and shader code. There can be additional processes like batching and/or lightmapping generation running if used in the project.

The execution time for these processes can vary depending on the scene setup and the device running it. In addition many of these processes can block the Javascript thread from responding for a while.

I imagine that is the reason it isn’t straightforward to balance the loading time evenly.

@will may be able to comment on this.

The biggest reasons for that pause is shader compilation (plus the time it takes to hand texture and vertex buffer data to WebGL).