Procedural Model Creation

I want to create circle with one cube model how can i do in playcanvas

Do you want to place a bunch of cubes in a circle? I’m not sure I understand what you’re after.

Maybe something along this? PlayCanvas Examples

I recently created a project to place Boxes in a circle, so if it is the same, please use it.
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Scene: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

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i want to create this in proper circle can you tell me how ?

???any one

Why you don’t just search for an circle asset on the web? Is a sphere or cylinder not what you are looking for?

i want to create procedural circle brother not asset

with programming

What will be the use case?

what do you means?

Why you want to create a circle by script?

why you are asking this question if you can help so tell if you are not tell me

Users are better be able to help, if it is clear what you are trying to achieve. Since you’re not responding to the other users and ask for help again, it will be nice if you are more clear.

@Jack I think a lot of us are really trying to support your question with an answer. @Albertos is trying to get to the very root question of which I am also having a hard time understanding. Playcanvas takes advantage of three.js, WebGL, and WebXR. So here is a link to a possible answer.

What you will see in this reference is how to do the low level creation. Playcanvas does not have defines referencing THREE however if you use our documentation and reference material you will find the same procedures exist. I hope this helps you find your answer.

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This is definitely not true. Three is completely independent library.


@Jack I am sorry about my misunderstanding. Thanks for the corrections. I was under the impression that line draw and others were very similar to three

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@Jack - have a look at the Simple Mesh API Mesh | PlayCanvas API Reference, which is an easy way to generate procedural geometry from triangles. So you need to create triangles represending the circle, and use the API on those.

In links to some examples which show how this can be used in projects.

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You could also just use a built in cylinder, and scale down its hight to almost 0 to create a circle.

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Here is another example, how to create a square plane using Mesh API:

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Thank you so much guys its help me alot @mvaligursky @Tirk182 @LeXXik @Albertos