Problems with Merge

We have been having serious trouble getting accurate merges from a PC Branch back into Master.

The code will merge easily but artwork, especially templates with 3d animated characters, will be mangled and inconsistent

We have resorted to having artists working directly in our Master branch due to the unreliability

One of our 3D artists created a copy and paste workaround that involves copying to a personal branch and then from there copying to master but that is super inefficient, only works in certain instances and often assets and components still need to be redone.

We need to know if there is a reason why Merge doesn’t work (are we doing something wrong - is our repo too cluttered with old branches- is the Master branch too large?)and if there is a solid plan to fix Merge or a way we can fix our process.

The game we are producing is pretty high profile and profitable and we would like to find out if we can get a POC within the Playcanvas team, if there is a level of support beyond these public forum servers.?

@zpaul would most likely like to know more about this.

It’s a bit tricky without seeing the details of the merge and where the changes come from in the commit graph.

Eg whether multiple people have edited the template from multiple branches and if it’s merged all the changes together but they don’t ‘work’ or look correct.

I see that you’ve emailed as there is sensitive data involved so we can follow up there in private and if the resolution is publicly sharable, will post here too.