Problems with animation component

I was trying to fix an animation and after a while there where a lot of problems with the editor.

  • Playbutton of the animation component disapears or is not working

  • Other components on the object disapears but can’t added again

  • Changes that i make disapears

To solve the problem I had to remove all animation components and add them again. (Refreshing the editor don’t solved the problem and all changes that i had maked before refreshing the editor are gone).

The problem was on all enabled entities (with an animation component). Only the entity that was disabled at the moment that the problem started works totaly normal when i enable it.

Edit: Maybe it has to do with deleting the file while the animation is still present on the component.

This seems like a bug, most likely as you said with a state not getting updated when deleting the animation asset referenced.

@will @vaios

This should be fixed now.

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