Problem viewing tags on textures. Name get's clipped


I’m trying to view my tags and add new ones but they get truncated visually. I’ve tried reloading the page and resizing. Please advice

Hmm I don’t get that. What browser version / OS is this?

I’m on Chrome/windows 7 64 bit.

Can you try this in an incognito tab and let me know if it’s happening there as well?

Yes, good idea. Problem persists though.

Could you add me to your project for a second so I can have a look? My username is ‘vaios’

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Hmm I don’t see this problem even when I try it on your project. What if you try it on a different browser like Firefox? I’m thinking perhaps an extension is causing it or might be something specific to Windows 7 64-bit and your specific version of Chrome. What version of Chrome are you using?

I tried this on Chrome in OSX and Windows 10 with no luck.

Actually @dave had a great idea and indeed the problem seems to be zoom. If you reset the zoom on that page it should work fine.

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Zoom it was! Thank you. Very confusing :smiley:

Hey, it was zoom, but now fixed it in CSS too, so should work with zoom well. Will be deployed a bit later.