Problem on ios7 safari

I make material Opacity attribute ‘Alpha To Coverage’ enabled.
It well on Android and Windows.
But it wrong on IOS.
IOS(version ios11):


My test project:

Alpha to Coverage is only supported on devices that run WebGL 2.0. Unfortunately, iOS can only run WebGL 1.0 at this time.

Instead, you should be using alpha test to remove transparent (or near transparent pixels) and enable alpha to coverage to make leaf edges a bit nicer where WebGL 2.0 is supported. Here’s how it was configured in After the Flood:


I know how to do now.
Thank you!

thanks a lot for the detailed information, really helped us out here :slight_smile:

Is there a list of parameters that we should avoid for iOS?

I don’t think there is a specific list @Mystik, the only one param that comes into my mind is Alpha to Coverage which is only supported on WebGL 2 (hopefully coming soon on iOS).

It will automatically be disabled on iOS, so there you should make sure that your Alpha Test value is tweaked to match the visual result you are after.