Prefab/Template -- How close to release?

Hi there,

I’m sorry if I’ve missed something obvious.
I really want to start developing experiences in PlayCanvas because I see the huge benefit of the in-browser implementation and real-time collaboration.

The only thing holding me back is the lack of a Prefab/Template system (as with Unity3D) that would allow me to instantiate a custom object within my game (for example, make a bullet out of a mesh and a particle system and instantiate each time I shoot the gun)

I’ve read around and seen that you guys were working on this last year…
How close is this feature to release?
Is there any chance I can be added to the beta programme to test the feature out?
My PlayCanvas username is: patmw

Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi @patmw and welcome,

You will be happy to know that templates have been officially released a while ago!

You can find more here on how to use them and what you can do with them:


Oh fabulous!!

(In hindsight: sorry for the dumb question - I should have checked the docs properly rather than just the forums)

Thank you so much!

All the best,

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