Post Processing issue

Hi i have some problem issue with bloomeffect on this car configurator. If I drop all values to zero the problems still remain. how can i fix it? thx

Hi @petto_visual and welcome,

That’s quite strange, not sure what’s going on. Are you having a single camera with the post effect attached?

Yes, only one camera

Can you share a sample project url that reproduces this issue? I grabbed the bloom script from here, and tested on a new project. It worked as expected:

this is the demo, unfortunately your script seems not work

Hi @petto_visual, I can’t really understand much from your build, are you able to share a sample public project that reproduces this issue?

So, you need to keep clearing color/depth buffers for the effect to correctly work. Otherwise it is accumulating color values from previous frames.


PS The car model looks awesome, nice job!


love you, bro! it works