Positional sound component bug

I believe I may have found a bug with positional sound components.

This problem occurs only on Internet Explorer 11 (We sadly have to support this browser at work), and it gives me the following console warning: No support for 3D audio found.

My project has 2 positional sound components, and one that’s not positional. The issue occurs when I try to mute the global sound component system with app.systems.sound.volume = 0;, it mutes the single non-positional sound component, while the two positional sounds keep playing at full volume.

As of now I’ve found two workarounds:

  1. Going through both sound components, and turning their individual volumes down with: this.entity.sound.volume = 0;
  2. Muting the sound component system, and then turning the positional sounds into non-positional with: this.entity.sound.positional = false;

As I mentioned before, this only occurs on browsers that don’t have 3D audio support.


This was a bug that was fixed here https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/commit/5f6e0460bb13013c62bc25aa2244ef7f0156f70e.

Thanks for reporting!

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