PolyBrawl -- What to add next?

What do you think me and @DevPlex01 should add to the game next?

  1. Map select
  2. More attacks, please say what
  3. Just a more complicated map
  4. Character color chooser

And what do you think we should do for PolyBrawl’s anniversary?

The game can be found here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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I think you can start with making a nice looking environment. More diffrent objects in the environment
will make it more challenging to move and fight. (Also i think the collision is not working correctly anymore because i can’t collide with the other player).

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Good idea, anything in particular you think we should add, because we are in space.

With “space” you mean “the universe”? In that case you can use a background with planets and create space shuttles as player objects or something…

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Tbh something that would be amzing for the game would be multiplayer or split screen

Yeah, but that would take some time to learn and master, which is why it would most likely something that will be touched on this summer. Me & @Werdie_Alt are gonna work on it.

Try Local Look into this https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-multiplayer-pirate-shooter-game-in-your-browser--cms-23311

Btw I’ll try to helpy all with it

Hey I would want to contribute to this project with some code when I’m not too busy. But i’ve played it and liked it. I thought these attacks would be cool.

  • shock wave/energy burst attack: player presses a button to send out a shock wave to push back their opponent (should have a charge up time)
  • Push - the play would have to be in contact with their opponent to perform an attack that pushes both themselves and the other player in opposite directions
  • limited dashes in a given direction would also be a good game-play element

Hey thanks for the ideas! The push might not be to easy, since we’ve fixed a bug that’s been around for some time. Basically the shapes are on different z axises so that they don’t collide and are able to go through platforms even when another player is using them. A shock wave sounds pretty cool and I would like to incorporate it, with your credit of course. I’ll discuss this with @Werdie_Alt. Btw, what’s your playcanvas username?

I think I could incorporate this push when I have a bit more time. Feel free to DM me here or on Discord. My playcanvas username is tester29.

If you have discord, you can add me YeeTBluud#8081

I think I already got your Discord.