Point and Click in VR

i need help to control a character in VR using the VR controllers. What I want to do is a point and click movement like this one https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/point-and-click-movement/ but in VR, where the user point and click with the gamepads and the object is moved to that point. How can I make the point and click movement in VR?

The WebVR Lab has click to teleport on marked areas of the world. Will that work for you?

yes, could work. but how do I teleport only an object without moving the camera using this WebVR lab as example?

Oh, you want to move an object, not the person.

The logic is still the same. Raycast, get the intersection and move the entity that you want to move. You will have to do some modification to the controls in WebVR Lab as it was only designed to work with one button (the teleport button).