Please help me make my game

Please help me make my game I’m on ios so I can’t I’m no thanks paying I’m sorry but I really want help and hope you help

Happy to offer advice and direction here. What are the challenges you are facing?

Thank you for helping I would need you to help me do stuff like building the character first you have to make the ground with like a grass texture and could u add some rocks we would need the character to be able to swing and slice a sword with good graphics it doesn’t matter if your a good scripter or not but we would need different levels health bosses challenges and more and we would need different abiltys and stuff we would need different bows and swords with different animations and texture

Would you apply? Yes or no

You might want to chat to @AmbushGames and @ayrin - I think they were working on a project that sounds like what you want to build.

I don’t know how much similar to my project is your idead take a look

I could probably help. I’m not much of a scripter but I can pulls some scripts from my other projects. I’d need a full explanation of what it is I need to do.

You would need to get a chest script where you can acess it and place it around the world and making weapon textures and other stuff to put in the chest you would also need to add npcs food hunger and thirst and you would need to make missions and quest and gold and you would also need to add a script where you can climb stuff another which npcs can attack you another where you can buy stuff and more

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Uhm maybe i have misunderstood something, i thought by the title the you want help to build your game, but by your posts seems more that you have an idea for a game and want that others have to develop it. I got it right or am i wrong?

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Idk I’m a noob at this

You program it yourself and want help to develop it or want others to do all the job? Idk how to ask in a simpler way. :smiley: