PLAYHACK with PlayJam Showcase


We’ve been running the PLAYHACK with PlayJam for the February and March and we want everyone to see the games you made for it. When you’re ready to publish. Post your game to this thread so that everyone can have a go.



Earth is in danger! Unknown forces have unleashed poisonous gases on its
atmosphere. Only the light of the stars can save the Earth! Can you do it? It
will be hard. You will be helped. Our solar system needs you!

Control your rocket as it launches to space in 10 different planets, avoid deadly meteors, collect the star light and be the top hero to save our solar system!


Oh sweet this forum formats with the playcanvas site data. The above is just me putting the permanent url into the post. Well, that saves some time!

Here is my entry for Playhack with PlayJam! Go play the game, and enjoy! See ya on the track, my computer browser got tagged as OpposedSelf5905, in case you want to beat the game designer at his own game. :wink:



Race through space collecting malfunctioning robots while avoiding incoming alien ships. See if you have what it takes to be rated the best in the fleet.


If you’re a robber, steal the gadget and bring it back to your home base.
If you’re a cop, abduct the robbers to put them in jail!

Share the link with your friends to play against them!


Here’s Space Pirates my take on a multiplayer Bomberman mixed with Pacman in 3D! Apologies to all the people who tried to play with me while I was debugging :wink:


Here is mine. Had lots of fun making it. Good luck guys!


My game. It is short story about universe… :grin:


Martin (alias swatty) and I worked on this after long workdays and made quite some extra hours :wink: But it was fun and I think we are both quite happy with the outcome after all, let us hear what you think :


Here is Robot Rescue! music/sfx by @jeff_swingle

edit revert: marked jam build as the primary again as per Dave’s answer (keep primary build the jam one). The link here always played the same exact on time build though.


Space tube racing - its a Tube racing game in space or Space racing game in tube. indoor and outdoor levels. Share your best results or beat others challenges. Real-time multiplayer and 9 tracks to earn gold medals in solo mode.

It was fun and challenging jam, now its time to play some games :smile:


Here is our game. Good luck guys!


Uh-oh so many UFOs! Only tough bot Steve can defend the spaceship from harm!


Poor bot has been stranded in space while on his way to an intergalactic fast food chain or his mom or something of the sort. Now he needs your help to escape this lone and diffusely shaded gray planet. Click (or touch) to jump and steer the bot up in space by hitting the rockets.