Playhack submission deadline

I received the Playhack “final stretch” e-mail that made me wonder a few things:

  • It says “In order to be eligible for the competition you must have a published build in your PLAYHACK”. What does that mean “in your playhack”? Does this simply mean forking the Playhack project, building your game on it, then publishing it?Or do I need to publish it somewhere special?

  • “The date must be before 12 Midnight UTC Friday 11th March”. I always get confused with the meaning of midnight. Is this the UTC midnight between Thursday - Friday, or the midnight from Friday to Saturday?

Thanks in advance! I’d hate to miss the deadline for a silly oversight.

That should have read “a published build in your PLAYHACK project.” We be loading all the projects forked from the PLAYHACK project and click the PLAY button.

The deadline is the end of Friday 11th March. @Crefossus created a handy countdown timer:


Thanks! With the countdown timer now there’s no excuse for me getting the time wrong! :stuck_out_tongue: