Player floating above collider

Hello guys, did something similiar or the same happened to any of you?

My player is floating above the colliders, even my player collider is set properly and also platform/ground

Players rigidbody is set to dynamic

It would be nice if you show your rigidbody settings as that is important with issues like this.

Player rigidbody


Environment rigidbody


Try replacing every 0 with a different value and see what result you get. I don’t know which one but one of those is probably the problem.

Yup i tried different values but still no progress,i really appreciate your effort though :slight_smile:

For now i tried different method where i put collider a bit lower than the object of platform is

i dont really think it is correct way but it helped

No, that’s fooling yourself. If you add me to your project I can help you as soon as I have time.

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Without seeing your project I think the model component is on a child entity. In that case you probably changed the position of the child instead of the position of the parent. Make sure the child is on (0, 0, 0) and move the parent to get the correct position in your scene.