PlayCanvas Watermark and Pro version?

Hi Guys,

First of all it’s my first post here , so hello to everybody ! :smile_cat:

I would like to work on some WebGL Ads and test if PlayCanvas meet my needs.
I find your UI extremely clear and polish and if i can avoid to reinvent the wheel by avoid using three.js / ammo.js etc … that would be great. (especially considering my extremely poor .js skills …)

My only concern for the moment is about the Watermark that appear on your Ads like this one :

Is it possible to run the engine without any Watermark when you use the pro version ?Because clients could find annoying to have any other brand on screen, they just want to see their goddamn packshot ! :smile_cat:

Cheers !


Well it looks that the site has been updated today :

With the Pro version you can customise the start screen !

Nothing has changed today :slight_smile:.

Custom loading screens are available on Org plans. Other plans require you to keep the PlayCanvas loading screen.

My Bad ! Thanks for your answer Dave ! and again congrats for your work, PlayCanvas UI is great !