PlayCanvas System Down

Failed Creating WebGL Content - Error
I tried it at 9:15am and at 11:40am
I am still getting the same errors along with my 180 plus students from their own devices using their own accounts, their own individual network connections.

@Joseph_Andrieux Can you provide a project that shows the error please? We haven’t had any reports else where with this issue so it’s very concerning.

What browser and OS are you on?

Can you also try another WebGL app like this one please to help narrow down potential issues:

Is Chrome linked to an eduction account in some way for you and your students? I’m wondering if any extensions/settings been changed remotely by the schools IT administration team?

Are all the student devices the same? Eg are they all the same model of Chromebook?

Would you also be able to run too please?

Sorry, for multiple posts, just thinking of more things to try (as we can’t reproduce the issue locally), can you also try another browser such as Edge, IE 11, Firefox, again to help narrow issues down please?

Is there any common point / hardware / settings that you and your students may be using?

Where do you see that Failed Creating WebGL Content - Error message? Can you share a screenshot? This problem seems to be limited to your specific network for some reason since no other similar reports have come in.

Windows OS and we are using Google Chrome.

We have a bug with the render component not showing in the Editor and will be fixed in an engine release today:

The 1 Override message is normal if a change is made on a template instance. I’m not sure what the issue you are referring to here?

Yes. All of the devices are the same.

That works. I see objects moving and I am able to move around.

Our Google Chrome is linked to our Educational Account.

As it’s been a large gap between the first post and the replies, can you confirm if you have any outstanding issues with the service and if you do, what they are please?