PlayCanvas Steamworks integration and native application

Hello developers :slight_smile:

Does the engine have Steamworks integration or is Greenworks ( + Electron/NWjs the only solution? Or is it possible to integrate Steamworks directly and use an alternative WebKit solution like Ultralight (

The engine doesn’t have an Steam integration out of the box unfortunately. This would be something you would have to do yourself.

I would have thought you be able to transpile the Greenworks library into ES5 and use it where you wanted. (Again, bit something I’ve tried).

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Had another quick look at Ultralight (which looks interesting in itself) and looks like it supports calling C functions from JS and JS functions from the C++ side. It looks it could be possible to integrate the Steam SDK in the C++ part of of the Ultralight framework and for PlayCanvas app to communicate with it.

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Currently I dont have a PlayCanvas subscription to be able to export and try your solution, though not having to use Greenworks (limited, doesn’t have Steamworks networking) and Electron (ram and storage consumption) is perfect. Thank you for your research

You can export without a subscription.

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Oh, I didn’t realize PlayCanvas has new plans, no announcement? Specifically the free plan used to be 200MB without export and now it’s 1GB with export (and not only that)! Thank you :heart:


We’ll announce Monday. We’re ensuring everything’s working as expected first.


Wow! That’s huge news for anyone on the hobby project side.

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Reading into Ultralight, it looks like it doesn’t support WebGL yet which is a shame. Will keep my eye on that one.

There’s a recent blog on getting an HTML5 game on Steam here that can help

Thanks for the addition of exporting on the free plan team! Although we use a subscription, I’m sure all our hobby projects will receive a huge boost!