Playcanvas-spine plugin incompatible with latest Playcanvas runtime


I’m using playcanvas-spine plugin; it appears that this doesn’t work with playcanvas 1.10.7 (confirm working last in 1.10.6) - there’s no runtime error; the animation simply won’t play, as if it’s not getting updated.

Current solution: stick with playcanvas 1.10.6

It’s something to do with this commit:

…which needs a corresponding tweak in playcanvas-spine runtime, I’d wager.

Good catch on finding the change. Looks like an easy fix from changing one line?

You can most likely just make the change locally in the minified version as it’s a single line.

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Sweet - I’ll give that a shot when I’m back at work!

Thanks for your help :smile:

I’ve tested this fix on an old Spine project and submitted a PR:

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