PlayCanvas Sentry Script Error

Upon creating a brand new project (or opening an old project), firefox hits a CORS issues with Sentry, playcanvas’s debugger backend? Modernizing the PlayCanvas Backend Infrastructure

Editor seems to be working in MS Edge.

I’ve managed to repro this, an engine issue on WebGL1. It seems for whatever reason your browser / computer does not support WebGL2 i those browsers. Check WebGL2 tab here to confirm:

We’ll fix the WebGL1 path as well and deploy the fix in the next few days, likely early next week.

I have a fix: [Fix] Depth grab-pass wasn’t working correctly on WebGL1 in some cases by mvaligursky · Pull Request #5464 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

But try to make your browser work in WebGL2 mode if possible to avoid some other issues, as Editor is not hugely tested in WebGL1 considering all browsers now use WebGL2 on desktop.

Thanks for the quick fix. Not sure what happened to my firefox, but I think the graphics card/driver crashed at some point while running playcanvas.

After rebooting computer, seems to work, but should be a 1050ti:

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