PlayCanvas Particle System

Can someone tell a bit about the ParticleSystem e.g. also in comparison to other Systems like
Unity, Babylon, Three

Is it possible that particle systems interact which each other?
Sorry that I ask that silly, but the project what I am aiming will need very much effects I guess :slight_smile:

Hi @iso74,

I can’t compare it to other engines, but right now it doesn’t support particle/world collisions (not that it’s easy to do, that would have a big performance hit if implemented).

Particles in Playcanvas have both a CPU and a GPU implementation for better performance. The particles component in editor has a plethora of options, many of them curve based, to manage the output, which I find great.

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That’s a bit sad, but I totally understand the performance thing here.
Thanks for clarification

If you want interaction with particles and the world and you only spawn a small number of particles, you can use rigid bodies instead of particles.