PlayCanvas Newbie --> Zombie Ego Shooter/ RPG Hybrid Training Project

Hey everyone,

my name ist Florian. Im working with Playcanvas since a few days but I am familiar with JS.
I want to make a Zombie- RPG/Shooter Hybrid.

First I planned to make a Demo-Level --> look at my projects.
I dont want to and I cant buy models just for learning. Because of this I am searching for a (trainee) Designer
for the Gamemodels.

No obligations or anything like this. Just trying and learning!



Hi Florian!
Wow, you’re making great progress. I just took a look at your project. So if you are looking for 3D art support, I have a recommendation for you. Try posting on the following forums:

This specific sub-forum looks perfect:
Collaborative team projects
"Interested in assembling a team of artists for non-paying projects? Then this is the place."

Blender Artists
Again, they have a perfect sub-forum to post on:
Volunteer Work
"Postings for jobs without pay or with deferred pay"

I would recommend posting some images of your project and also a link to a published version of your in-progress game to inspire artists to join your team.

Hope this helps!