PlayCanvas Learning

Hi. My name is Rishab Tirupathi, and I want to learn about coding in PlayCanvas. Where can I find resources and how to use them in Playcanvas other than the PlayCanvas user manual? Please tell me. If you can also be a coding resource and give me, and many other PlayCanvas newbies, some tips, that would be great. Thank you in advance.
Rishab Tirupathi

Hey Rishab!

The PlayCanvas user manual is a great reference to use. The tutorials page also has a lot of article with example code about how to do specific things.

I also put together a 2 part tutorial on creating a space shooter game here.

I hope that helps! Otherwise you can always just ask the community here about specific things you’re trying to learn and I’m sure you’ll find answers.

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Really nice tutorial :slight_smile:

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That’s great! I will try it, as I have not. I actually just wanted some more resources because I’m 10 :disappointed:, but I will try.

In which case, you might be better with a more structured course from basics:

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Thanks a lot. I will also try it. :smile: