PlayCanvas in 2015

I would like to see sprite animation in the vein of Pyxel Edit or Photoshop. As for everything else I Would like to see. Dedicated tools such as a Sprite atlas and perhaps Box2D support. EDIT: Totally forgot about this - but support for spine and Spriter would be awesome!

Can you at least offer some basic networking support via Node.js or something else? I would like to host my own servers if possible. There are some reasons for this which I will go into.

If my game turns out to be unsuccessful I can just release the server binaries and game art, and hopefully source code under an open source license.

I am not 100% sure if I can do this with a games as a service but I just want to be certain that I can.

I am personally going to be making some pretty big scenes by hand which players will be in and shooting each other. That said there is no terrain as it is going to be set in space. I am more worried about floating point problems than anything with this game of mine.

OK, guess I should have clarified here sorry about the confusion. This is more of a personal want than anything. A six degrees of freedom flying template as well as something similar to a Combat Flight Sim.

Also a turn based strategy sample game would be nice as well.

Do not believe that I have seen that. Thanks for the link.

Welcome. :smile:

It would also be cool if we could highlight one of our own projects and that would appear at the top of our project list in some highlighted way, kinda like pinned tweets on Twitter.

I would personally use this to highlight which project I am currently working just because I am lazy and it being at the top would make it easier to find, but also if you use your project list as a display of your work then it would be good to put the best at the top to encourage people to look at that one.

Edit: Also the cone is the only primitive not to have a matching collision type. That would be useful

A new user just mentioned to me that it would be nice if they could follow a person, not just an individual project (I agree)

Yep, definitely. That’s in the works, Lizzip. Watch this space. :smile:

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Raycasting with a sphere (spherecasting). Seems like Bullet physics engine supports it so I assume ammo.js does aswell. Would be of tremendous help to be able to use it in playcanvas also.

Having a folder system in the asset pane of the designer would be greatly useful so I don’t have to manage assets hierarchy offline and look for specific things by name with the search field in the designer.

CORS or JSONP with “Refresh attributes (local)” from the designer. Currently same origin policy blocks all attempts of loading the scripts from localhost and I have to use some hacks (chrome flags / CORS addon) to load scripts and refresh attributes.

Hi @redka. Isn’t spherecasting just intersection testing with a capsule? :smile:

Most of the foundational work to support folders in the asset panel has already been done actually. As you may or may not know, we’re launching a next-gen PlayCanvas Editor early next week. Once we’ve released that, adding support for folders is high on the priority list.

@max What’s the deal with local coding and script attributes in the new editor?

Very cool to hear about the new editor.

Where can I learn about it? My approach was adding the collision component but raycasting is much simpler. What you propose is creating a shape and checking what it intersects with? (I must have missed how to do that in the tutorials) How is it performance-wise?

A keyboard controls component is something I would make use of. Add it to an entity then specify 12 or fewer buttons and which axis they translate or rotate on and the speed. If this worked properly with dynamic rigidbodies I would use it all the time, as I still find those a hassle to control properly sometimes

In case people didn’t notice it already, we deployed autocompletion today! And as an added bonus, API reference docs show up against function/property names too. So, so nice. Enjoy!