PlayCanvas has App, is it truth!?

Hello people,

I saw somewhere in my mail that playcanvas has app in playmarket, is it truth that playcanvas has app or I did mistake!? :thinking:

Thanks to all.

What’s a “playmarket”? Are you referring to Google Play? If so, then there is a number of apps made with Playcanvas in the store.

Yep, could you send it to me!?

There’s used to be a few but are no longer there List of published mobile games

Where/when did you get this email about this? We might need to change it.

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There was a quick notification on phone, I’v just sent this message through this app, its cool👌

There’s an app for the forums?


Oooooh. If it’s the forums we are talking about, the forum software does ask to be made a PWA (a web app) on the home screen on mobile.

It’s not really an app, more a dedicated webview.

Oh yeah, I just added it on my phone. It works fine.

If you add it to the homescreen on iOS it just opens safari and opens it in a new tab