PlayCanvas Billing Problem


I was using paid-account and in this month my credit card information changed. Playcanvas sent me an email and i filled their form, system send me another email that says billing process failed. I entered again but same email come to me after 2 days. And now i faced with last email that says they will close my account automatically.

I really don’t understand what’s going on. Why there isn’t an billing page that i can pay for playcanvas, why it tries after 2 days and tell me that it failed. (There is no information about why it failed, i mean you can say that if bank declined etc…)

Also i wrote directly to this email (because it looks like it connects to Dave’s email and didn’t get any answer about my current status.

And now, what should i do? I think, i’ll lose all of my work tomororow.

Have you emailed

I’ve just emailed, will wait for response. Thank you.