PlayCanvas as a visual interface tool for real time animation

Hi, everyone!

I’m trying to figure out if PlayCanvas would be the right tool for a project that my team is currently developing, and I would appreciate your help with this.

The basic concept is that we will create a sort of 2D or 2.5D animation based on some Python scripts. These scripts will define all characters and objects positions and actions, their interaction and everything else, and we need a tool just to ‘translate’ it to an animation, i.e., we won’t use any features of the tool itself besides visualization.

The idea is that we want people to watch the animations in ‘real time’. They will be able to open the animation page (in any browser) at a specific time and watch it there while it’s happening, synchronized with a server. We will use WebSocket to do the communication between the Python scripts and the interface.

Thank you in advance!

Pretty much any WebGL rendering framework would work for this from the brief you’ve set here. Not sure if there is anything unique here from PlayCanvas that will benefit you greatly beyond the easier setup of render layers, hardware texture compression, scene setup etc.