Play animation from frame "x" to "y"

I have animated a bone in Blender. I have given it different animations.
For example:
0-40 : Move forward
50-70 : Move left
80 - 120 : Move right

They are all in one animation file and in one timeline in Blender.

So lets say I would like to achieve this:
If I press “A” play animation 0-40
if I press “B” play animation 50-70
if I press “C” play animation 80 - 120.

Any advice for me on how to do this?


Hi @Maarten_deVries,

I don’t think you can use that as it is in PlayCanvas. What you can do is split the animations into multiple actions in Blender, so you have a single model and multiple animations.

Then import that FBX to your project and as soon as it’s converted to GLB by the editor, all included animations will be imported as separate animation assets that you can use.