Plane detection and AR

New to playcanvas. Is it posible to not use trackers and use plane detection instead for AR?
The tutorial shows AR us bit available Plane detection is not supported in all devices I have tested. iOS iPhone 14 (chrome and safari) and Android Samsung S20 (chrome).

AR with trackers works.

The topics I found in the forums are from 2020 or similar and haven’t had luck to find newer references.

Any pointer?


Hi @marcovazquezintracon and welcome,

I’m not fully sure about this but I think plane detection in WebXR still requires manually enabling a browser flag (and iOS doesn’t really support WebXR):

Hi @Leonidas and thank you!

I will give it a try to the settings in Android Chrome.

I think this puts the whole plan to use playcanvas in standby. But I will continue learning the basics.


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