Planar Reflection Custom Mesh Shape

I want to add some Planar reflection to my 3D scene but since the scene is not simply a box, I need to use a custom mesh/shape for the mirror plane.

This is the project I’m using as a base for the reflection:

The left plane is the default Quad and it works but the right mesh with the honeycomb shape does not work. Adding the Honeycomb mesh actually breaks the reflection on the other mesh as well.

How can apply this planar reflection to a complex shape?

Thank you

Hi @uprealdigital and welcome,

Thinking the reflections shader doesn’t have any requirements to work with apart from the surface to planar.

Can you make sure that your hexagon is properly unwrapped and includes texture coordinates when imported?

Hey @Leonidas ,

That’s what I first thought as well. My idea was that as long as the mesh is planar then it should work but it doesn’t look like it.

I did unwrap the UVs of the mesh, maybe the texture coordinates didn’t get imported properly? (It does say they exist on Playcanvas)

Here’s the setup:

Here’s the project:

Here’s the playable project:

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Just following up on that! :slight_smile: