Photon real-time multiplayer | help with guns, coding the guns, and animation character movement

I’m making a game from a template made by photon, I was wondering how can I make it where the guns can shoot and how to make it where a player press a key, it switches to another gun. And I need help with movement animations for the characters.
If you want to check out the game go here

Hi @Syncs and welcome,

There isn’t an easy answer to what you ask. You will have to code a number of systems in your PlayCanvas project.

Start by studying Scripting in the PlayCanvas manual, and then head to the Tutorials page and study relevant tutorials, like in the Input category.

Good luck!

I know about the inputs, but what I don’t know is how to use an animation while the user is moving with the keys.

Check this example project, it shows exactly that:

Thanks I’ll try it