Perspective view show just black

Project is private?


Yes we have “paid” account. And I’m working this few months without “perspective”.

There is also issue with ‘camera’ mode from time to time starts to be very sensitive on mouse move.

The project is still private so no one can really look at it to see what problems it might have.

Don’t know how can make it public. All other views works.

Just perspective doesn’t.

It is public for timebeing now.

Looks fine to me:

My guess is that your perspective view is really far away from anything.

Click on an entity like base:

And press F on the keyboard or click on the eye icon on the left side bar. This focuses the current view on the selected entity:


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How perspective is far away. When top,right,left and other views aren’t far?

I think the editor remembers the view position so perhaps the view was moved to be really far way by accident where the other views haven’t.

The zoom level sensitivity resets when you focus on an entity.

The “F” Focus trick is solving in way. So every view including, perspective was is saved.