Particle templates, and particles spawn particles feature

It would be cool to have some templates for certain particle effects ( e.g. fire, where the X/Z velocity curve would be lower than the Y curve, and the Y curve would be all > 0 ) to allow people to see some cool effects, and learn from seeing the UI change to reflect the different effects.

Also, having particles spawn other particles ( e.g. fire spawns smoke ) would be great too, to allow for some very cool effects to be created.

Yep, particle templates is definitely going to happen.

Having particles spawn other particles is a much bigger feature… you might have to wait a bit for that one.

Particle force fields would be nice to, so you can make them swirl around like a galaxy, blow away like the wind and such. Until that happens, I will have to use blender particles and import them to playcanvas.

Cant wait on those templates though, that will be fun.

Force fields are actually not template task, but rather extra functionality for particles system.

Did anything ever happen with particle templates? I confess that I’m struggling to get my head around how to control them, and the tutorials don’t really cast much light on the matter.

I’m trying to create fairy dust effects, and getting frankly, no where.

Something like this?

Yes, a bit like that - smaller, more dense and steerable, but yes, the same basic thing.

So did you have a solution using the PlayCanvas particle system, or were you recommending that I overlay that one on top?

When I made that post, I had the idea that was possible to do in PlayCanvas with the intention of trying it but forgot :sweat_smile:

Here’s a quick version that I’ve just down which is fairly close:

fairy dust

Potentially, two particle systems may be needed to match the video I linked to earlier.

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This is great thanks @yaustar
This works fine on mobile too. When i do particle systems on mobile it always looks worse but looks fine on desktop. Is this a bug or an upper limit with particles on mobile?

Do you have Device Pixel Ratio enabled in the project settings?

This will use the device’s native pixel resolution but at the cost of performance.

Hi, it looks great, but can you make it fork-grabable as well?

It is forkable since it is public. Go to the dashboard page :slight_smile: