Particle system possible BUG

When playing the projet tutorial (by pressing the PLAY button here for instance) :
… everything is ok when you move quite fast the flame making circles for example.

but is you open the project and then play it from the editor… there are some glitches when you do the same thing , as is sometime the position of the particle system was displayed at the wrong position during a couple a frames…

As a consequence, if you attach a particlesystem to a moving ball for instance… it doesn’t work properly :frowning:

I can’t see the glitches myself in that project. Can you describe a bit more on what you expect to happen?


I recorded my screen on youtube :

  • first part of the video I directly press the PLAY button of the project (2016 version?) … it works find without glitches.
  • second part of the video I go to the editor first to launch the project via the editor (fresh ‘compile’) … then you can see the glitches. I suppose it is not the same engine version…

Same problem if I build the project from the editor to publish it…

Can you confirm you see what I mean ?

this is the youtube link :

ps : as a consequence, il you want to fire smoke behind a flying aircraft for instance… it looks bad :frowning:

I first thought that was the recording but yes I see what you mean. It looks like the whole screen shifts :thinking: Something for @will to potentially look at?

This might have something to do with the new Layers system.


I mqde a minimalist project to demonstrate the particle bug :

You can view the bug here (every Particle lifetime, there is a gltiche):

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I noticed that the bug disappear if you check any kind of sort (camera, newest, oldest) in the particles inspector panel…

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