Parametric Capability

Hello, I’m wondering if there is capability within the PlayCanvas API to be able to resize models on the fly via UI input (numeric, sliders, etc.)?

Thank you,

There are slider UI components so yes, you can attach any type of feature to those sliders such as changing the scale of an object, colour, etc.

Do you have a specific feature in your app that you want to implement?

An example of what we’d like to do is be able to scale the size of a metal building based upon either the user clicking on the size via radio button, or selecting the size via sliders. It would also be nice to be able for the user to enter a numeric value and have the object resize based upon that numeric value.

If you’re saying that PlayCanvas can scale models/objects via api, then we can certainly do the UI programming to toggle the input to the API.

Do I have that right?

Thanks for your insight!

PlayCanvas has the UI capabilities but you will have program the logic of what happens when the user interacts with the UI yourself. The PlayCanvas UI features doesn’t have text input AFAIK but there is nothing stopping you from using HTML elements instead as UI.