(PAID) Need 3D Developer for interactive webpage

We have an upcoming project which has many of the same requirements as this


So a user will be shown a 3D object, they want to be able to rotate the 3D object on the page, they want to be able to change the colour/material of a number of sections of the model, we’ll then export that information into JSON or similar for use in another service (not part of the project scope) we’re looking for a JS developer familiar with PlayCanvas or another 3D framework (the example site uses BabylonJS) to create the functionality so that we can mimic the example site.

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Hi David,

I’m developing (html,css,webgl) this: http://www.usail.it/configuratore-3D/

Do you mean something like that? If yes, you can send me a private message.

Have a good day,