PAID Looking for PlayCanvas Designer/Developers

Hi there, I’m looking to hire talented permanent PlayCanvas developers to get out a really small playcanvas selection tool feature in the next week or two, but stay to build out a whole sustainability focused educational environment over the next 2+ years. The purpose of this project is to help educate people on environmental challenges facing our planet and actually help nonprofits working to fix those problems. So initially it’ll just be a little earth shaped selection globe (like the open source base: with a handful of topographical and environmental disasters (like fire) selectable on the surface (disproportionately sized). In the future, we’ll be working with schools to build out visuals that help teachers educate on how to take care of the planet in their own regions and beyond. :green_heart:

Anywhere in the world is ok, but this module will plug into an app with a dev team that currently spans UK to Pakistan, so being willing to meet within that timezone is important. Willing to have you start tomorrow!

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I hope you’re keeping great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Also, add me over Skype id- cis.seth or Email- seth(at)cisinlabs(dot)com

I look forward to your response!


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Hello gdh,

for wich plattform (mobile or pc) you’re going to develop for?’
Would Buttons for the disasters be ok, and if, do you’ve an artist for those?

best regards

a fire would be easy, a flood or a storm maybe not :thinking:

Hi Gurki,
I would potentially be open to buttons for the first edition, if they are 3D modeled/textured. What we need most immediately are also the easiest ones: ocean, fire, forest, estuary, and a comet (rock near earth with a tail that shimmers-- I believe one is available open source). Forest should really just be trees at present, and the ocean and estuary are just making the area rendered with those water textures selectable as buttons.

I can do a quick prototype, on which you can decide if you like my style or not :wink: just give me a day. No obligations…

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Awesome, thank you :smiley:

Quick and dirty?