[PAID] Im a learning coder looking for some work and payment

hi im dillan looking for work im working coding in javascript and python any takes?

Im looking for some work for free i will do javascript and python for free i am willing, again to work for FREE

hello!! i think i need you! i need your help with javascript

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Id be more than willing to help! @SUNNYPRADA

uhh hello?

Please be a little more patient @hellaga_ra.


do you have discord? add me so I can explain it gummy#0323

Hi @hellaga_ra

We are currently looking for Playcanvas Developers.

Please mail me your portfolio and work you have done in Playcanvas

If your work seems good, we can onboard you and pay you for working with us.

Thanks & Regards,


Whassup! We are making a WW3 FPS game and you can join our team, Next Level Entertainment! For more info, click here: https://forum.playcanvas.com/t/join-our-world-war-3-first-person-shooter-game-dev-team-next-level-entertainment/21523