(Paid) Developer needed for PlayCanvas BPM counter/beat tracker/beat detector

I’m looking for a general-purpose function that detects the beat in any audio stream fed to it and produces a running beats per minute counter (not graphic, that part would be left to me). Obviously it would need to be in some kind of callback mechanism for cases in which the tempo changes. Main application is for dub step, trap, etc., aka “EDM”. Ideally it would also work on, say, Beethoven’s Fifth.

Sorry, don’t have time right now, but take a look at this: http://mziccard.me/2015/05/28/beats-detection-algorithms-1/

Hey, nice! Keep me in mind though.

Perhaps better to check out this approach instead since PlayCanvas is built on the Web Audio API. You should be able to integrate this with PlayCanvas’ sound component.

To learn more about PlayCanvas audio engine, definitely check out the tutorial projects.