Ortho cameras render nothing if posteffect is applied

I have an ortho cam capturing a garage door which is then placed on the scene. I’ve found that if I try to apply a posteffect from github (SSAO and FXAA have both done this) I get a pure black output:

Downloading the image and opening in photoshop reveals that the texture is in fact transparent:

Possibly relevant, the console shows this warning when I take the picture

SSAO does not currently work with ortho camera, here’s a tracking ticket: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/3411

I’m not sure what the problem is with the FXAA, likely something different, as that is not dependent on the camera projection at all.

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Not ideal, but perhaps you can use perspective camera placed far away and using small FOV?

In my experience doing something like this tends to introduce rounding errors and jittering when you do the trigonometry to fit the subject properly. Probably not a great solution

For what it’s worth, FXAA is the only one that I actually need and the main reason I posted this here. I just found it interesting that it had the same result as SSAO. Wasn’t very clear in the original post